Our Invention
Utpara Solutions

Utpara Solutions not started as a normal IT solutions company or service oriented company we concentrate in our research and development in new technology of IT which include Hardware as well as software, as we mentioned in our slogan that "we will integrate your dream with our technology" yes we integrate the technology and we use that kind of brain which scattered in mud of our small villages who have excellent engineering skills and development skills. We are in the research of spontaneous logic which make our IT technology to the next level. Our futuristic vision is research on new way of development which can design a new era of web technology , software development, hardware development and hardware/software automations.

We are into the market with new way of hardware and software integration. We are introducing a offline web based billing software which is integrated in a pocket size web server. This is a kind plug and play type, which can use in a small scale business or large scale business network . We changed the concept of web server into a pocket size machine and this machine is as powerful like a tower server.

Why this technology:-

  • Offline Web based software so there is no hanging or any kind of interruption.
  • As its broadcasting in your intranet or in your LAN so highly secure.
  • Well maintained backup and restore technique.
  • Will work through WIFI and LAN.
  • If its small business organization and need a billing software you just need a monitor keyboard, mouse, external hard disk and printer.
  • Copy right to utpara Solutions only so no worry of device licensing and operating system licensing , you need to commit only with us.
  • We are implemented failover and load balancing technology so 99.95% availability.
  • No worries of downtime.
  • 5V is the power conception and it can operate with a mobile charger as well.
  • As its a pocket size machine so less space conception.
  • Our application more faster than any other install type.
  • more reliable and application is 100% Offline web application.
  • pocket size web server
  • Database and application integrated in hardware.
  • Plug and play type application.
  • No need of antivirus and no fear for hacking or malware attack.
  • This Billing technology is developed fully in the recipe of futuristic vision this will be the correct solution for your accounting headaches.
  • As this is our product so we can customize as per your requirement and design.
  • Fully Automated and programmed so no manual installation, manual backup, manual failover and load balancing as well.

Utpara Solutions serve you with our new technologies in future as well. As someone said that those who walk through a different path will change the world, we are in the research of new way of technology , more than a old methodology of IT service industry we like to serve you with new technology and new invention.

Future research

  • Industrial robotics and web interface.
  • Home automation through the web technology.
  • Esecurity devices.
  • Cloud computing and web technology.